It’s finally here!!

Had the pleasure of doing a video shoot for my amazing sponser – Blue Star Nutraceuticals – back in May before we went to BC. This was literally the tail end of a 33-day-straight work streak. I was pretty tired out – but it was hard to not be amped up with Adam Cloet and my main man Stephen Molitor there right alongside the camera crew (who, I might add, were incredible to work with!).  We had a great time shooting at the gym I co-own, The Wreckroom, in Kitchener.


This company has done SO much to support me and I am INCREDIBLY grateful for it! I can say with certainty that part of the reason I’m able to handle taking on so much is First Class supplements that Blue Star backs me with. I feel like I have an ace up my sleeve with their support!!

Crazy thing about this video is I already feel that I’m in way better shape now and ready to do another one!!

Check out their stuff, I promise you will not be disappointed!!