This one goes out to my good buddy Sheena!!  Sheena and I have been training together for quite a while now and she’s been a pretty awesome sport when it comes to the hell I put her through!
Recently, she had been preparing to take another crack at the physical preparedness test for the police force.


I ran her through everything — from a mock up of her course, to nasty intervals, to crazy full body workouts, to agility drills, to HEAVY sled drags….pretty much threw everything at her but the kitchen sink!

She always came into our sessions with a smile, worked her ass off and then left with a smile as well!

Last weekend she challenged the physical test again and passed by a significant margin!!

I have to say that I wasn’t surprised when she called to tell me she crushed it, but I was pretty damn proud of her and all the hard work and persistence!!

She’s taking a short hiatus for the next few weeks but I am definitely looking forward to getting back at it with her!!

Amazing work Sheena!!! ??