Throughout the near 22 years I’ve been training, there’s been one thing that has stood out to me about the process of taking ourselves continuously to the next level.
There are universal principles that lead to right action and growth, and conversely right action and growth that will lead you towards universal principles.

If we take the time to examine whatever endeavour we are fully engaged in, we can start to draw parallels between the principles of success involved in what we are doing, and those involved in most other important endeavours.  It could be career success, relationship success, financial success or personal success – they’re all similar, and what makes them universal is the fact that they will work for everyone who correctly APPLIES them…


One lesson that I try my best to make sure my clients exploit in their training and their life is to understand that growth hides in the negative.

In training terms, it’s a well known fact that the eccentric part of a motion (the negative) has numerous adaptations and benefits especially in terms of GROWTH.

Yet, if you watch most people in the gym you’ll notice pretty quickly that they avoid the negative like the plague – Ripping through rep after rep mindlessly with just a number as their end goal.
Because of this lack of willingness to explore and suffer through the negative they may be drastically reducing the benefits they get from their workouts and seriously slow down in their progress.

The same thing happens in our everyday life.

We tend to view the negative as this horrible thing to be avoided at all costs and if it does happen we either mask it with substances or close ourselves off to it.


Don’t rush to find a way out.  Hang out there, learn from it, learn to let it mold you into something stronger.

The darkness holds answers to questions about the light.

Find those answers and you will inevitably invite more light into your life.