Growth Hides in the Negatives

Throughout the near 22 years I’ve been training, there’s been one thing that has stood out to me about the process of taking ourselves continuously to the next level.
There are universal principles that lead to right action and growth, and conversely right action and growth that will lead you towards universal principles.

If we take the time to examine whatever endeavour we are fully engaged in, we can start to draw parallels between the principles of success involved in what we are doing, and those involved in most other important endeavours.  It could be career success, relationship success, financial success or personal success – they’re all similar, and what makes them universal is the fact that they will work for everyone who correctly APPLIES them…


The Obstacle IS the Path

There were a series of unfortunate events that happened to me during my youth stretching into my early 20s. Most of which I don’t care to mention on this forum, but if you’re close to me, I’ve likely shared it with you.

Many of these things created in me an almost overwhelming sense of worthlessness, self doubt, shame and great sadness that still at times affects me even now.

Through all of it however I always had some semblance of hope for the future and a vision that somehow I could be of great benefit to the world…but I had no clue how someone as worthless as me could ever be of real benefit to anyone aside from just trying my best to be a decent person to those around me (and many times I even failed at that).

A completely random injury when I was around 20 years old changed all that…


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Client Shoutout – Sheena

This one goes out to my good buddy Sheena!!  Sheena and I have been training together for quite a while now and she’s been a pretty awesome sport when it comes to the hell I put her through!
Recently, she had been preparing to take another crack at the physical preparedness test for the police force.

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Boast Post – Amanda

So incredibly inspired by my friend Amanda. It was a year and a half ago at the Fergus Scottish festival where we had a chat and she expressed her urge to make a positive change. I gave her a few pointers sure, but as anyone who’s made this journey can tell you there’s a ton of work and mental training that goes into a change this significant!  She always listened to anything I had to say and APPLIED IT!! She didn’t expect it would be easy or it would come for free. She worked for it. She pressed past set backs and stayed the course….I’m so happy for you Amanda!!!

Amazing, amazing work!! 

Client Shoutout – Nishkam

Just want to take a moment to say how proud I am of my client Nishkam. I’m not going to lie folks, this man HATES working out. It’s not his cup of tea. He’s more the kinda guy that always prefered playing sports over smashing weights (I mean it is borderline self-flagellation after all!!).

HOWEVER, he’s been working with me for quite a while now…..probably over 3/4 of a year in total and in all this time, despite HATING working out – HE STUCK WITH IT.


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Blue Star Nutraceuticals Promotional Video

It’s finally here!!

Had the pleasure of doing a video shoot for my amazing sponser – Blue Star Nutraceuticals – back in May before we went to BC. This was literally the tail end of a 33-day-straight work streak. I was pretty tired out – but it was hard to not be amped up with Adam Cloet and my main man Stephen Molitor there right alongside the camera crew (who, I might add, were incredible to work with!).  We had a great time shooting at the gym I co-own, The Wreckroom, in Kitchener.


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