Here's what our clients are saying about Titan Training

My clients come from all walks of life and from the entire spectrum of athleticism – from people who have never spent significant time at the gym, to numerous athletes.  Each client brings with them a unique set of strengths, and challenges. I focus on each of my clients as individuals, custom-tailoring their training to these strengths and challenges in order to see the best results.  Many of my clients have had large breakthroughs in strength, mobility, and quality of life in just a few short weeks.

I takes tremendous pride in my clients and the amazing things that we are able to achieve together!

Below are just a few reviews – however more can be found on the Titan Training Facebook page and Titan Training’s Google Review page!

I've always been terrified of taking big steps. I've done casual sessions at box gyms, I dabbled in Crossfit, and I've bought home fitness equipment to avoid taking bigger measures. Nothing worked. Then I met Matt Daciw of Titan Training and the Wreckroom, Kitchener. I'll be honest, sure, I was intimidated. My mind always got in the way of what I was actually capable of. It was Matt that helped me overcome those hurdles. After only a few sessions, I was feeling stronger and lighter. One month in, I had lost 13lbs. I could touch my toes, something I haven't done in decades. But that's nothing compared to the mental conditioning Matt helped me with. He made me believe in myself again, that nothing could hold me back, and whatever I wanted was there to be taken! I haven't felt this good in 20 years, and it's all because Matt believed in me. And now I believe in myself. I can't thank Matt enough. My life has changed forever. If there's one thing you can do, it's find someone who believes in you, who will fight for you, who will encourage you to the end. I found Matt, and I will be grateful forever!

Alex T

Looking for an amazing, uplifting trainer? Look no further. Honestly. Six months ago I tore my ACL and was waiting on surgery. I was advised to get as strong as I could going into the surgery so I figured I may as well do this properly so I contacted Matt. From the first consultation I knew I was going to be looked after. He was so driven to help me be the best I could possibly be and pushed me to build up all the strength I could prior to surgery. Now, 2.5 weeks after my surgery my doctor is amazed at my progression. He says he rarely sees people have so much movement. I attribute that to Matt and how thoroughly he researched appropriate exercises to not only cater to my busted knee, but to give me a full body workout as well. I plan on doing my post-surgery recovery with Matt and build that strength right back up again, and this time with an 'almost brand new knee'! I would highly recommend Titan Training for anyone. Whether you're looking to get into better shape, drop a few sizes, or gain some muscle, Matt is definitely the guy you need to see!

Vanessa D.

Before I met Matt, I suffered with back pain for 20 years, I suffered with shoulder pain for 15 years, I suffered with knee pain for 6 years and most recently would get headaches that would sometimes last 6 months long. Before I met Matt, I was going to the chiropractor and masseuse weekly just to maintain somewhat of a normal life. I would frequently fall down the stairs because my knees would give out and twice I even fell holding my infant son. About a year and a half ago, I ended up breaking my rib from falling and it was a big wake up call that I needed to find a better approach to my health. I'm only 35 years old, what was my body going to be like at 50? I have now been working with Matt for 18 months. After 4 months of mobility training, I was 99% pain free. I'm amazed that I can walk 20,000 steps in a day and feel no pain, I'm amazed that I can stand at an event for 8 hours and feel no pain, I'm amazed that I don't have to second guess myself every time I come down the stairs, I'm amazed that I can play and keep up with my kids, I'm amazed that I only have to see the chiropractor for check ups once a month and the masseuse is more of a luxury...but most of all, I'm amazed that my path crossed with Matt's. I have worked with many trainers in the past, but no one has ever come close to helping me the way Matt has helped.

Destiny S.

Matt has been very approachable and motivating coach! He thoroughly explains the steps and methods behind each movement. With his guidance, I've dramatically increased the strength of my key lifts and increased my joint mobility in matter of weeks!! These are attributes that greatly supplements my martial arts training! Very knowledgeable and professional trainer, highly recommended!

Dan S.

I found Matt through his Facebook Ad when I was in need of a new routine and wanted someone to work with me on proper form. Matt is a wealth of experience and knowledge and there is so much I learn each time we meet. He really takes the time to explain things and makes sure you are doing it right. Matt is also incredibly friendly and easy to get along with which makes training sessions more enjoyable while he pushes me to work hard and challenge myself. This is no easy task (I like to whine a lot), but he is up for a challenge!

Phoebe J.


399 Breithaupt St. Unit 2
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